SIM San Diego - Virtual RoundTable #14

A SIM San Diego Meeting

Thursday, November 2nd 2023, 12:00pm to 1:00pm PST

Our next SIM San Diego RoundTable event is on November 2nd from noon to 1pm, when Shane Burns, the Head of IT Governance, Risk & Compliance at AMN Healthcare will be our Subject Matter Expert (SME) on the topic of Data Privacy & Compliance. Shane has been involved with compliance in one way or another for many years and is really a great fit to further expound on this constantly changing and challenging area for IT groups. Whether it is the evolving privacy regulations like CCPA/CPRA in California and GDPR in Europe, whether it is complying with HIPAA for medical and PII data and whether it is the risk of your data being passed around between third parties whose data could be breached, companies have been dealing with a more and more complex and challenging data privacy environment. Shane will be discussing trends in this area, a macro perspective of the various challenges that companies are facing, an approach and the team necessary to tackle some of these issues as well as some of the tools that could be used.  After Shane's presentation we will proceed to our regular RoundTable discussion format.

There is an opportunity for SIM San Diego members to invite one of their direct reports with expertise in the compliance arena (and/or those with a passion for the possibilities), to explore this area further. However, if you would like to have one of your direct reports attend, you will need to ensure that you sign them up for this session.

You will no doubt learn a lot from the discussion! We hope you can join us.