2019-04-25 - Customer Service Vs. Privacy: A Data Management Dilemma

Here’s the dilemma:  On the one hand, companies want to improve customer service by deepening their understanding of customer preferences, behaviors, and desires.  This requires gathering, storing and analyzing a LOT of personal information.  On the other hand, many customers resent and sometimes actively fight companies from gathering information because it feels like an unwelcome intrusion in their personal lives.  In addition, regulators around the globe are turning a more focused eye to data management and privacy, that will have huge impacts on how companies handle customer data.  What’s an IT leader to do?


This evening we will explore this dilemma, with discussion from company IT leaders, researchers, and technology students, to understand the issues and nuances, and – if we’re really successful – learn practical ways both sides can deal with it.  


We’ll start off with a presentation from Dr. Dave Meader, Lecturer at the San Diego State University Fowler College of Business, and then hear a panel of experts share their perspectives on this dilemma and how they deal with it.   Audience participation will be encouraged to ask questions and share their perspectives. Our goal is to generate a lively and productive discussion among all!


Join us at 5:00pm for light refreshments and conversation with our panelists and guests.  At 6:00pm Dr. Meader will begin his remarks after which he will moderate the discussion from our panelists.  The event will end around 8:00pm.


The event will be in the Fermanian Business Center. The map can be found at this link (the conference center is on the south east corner of the campus). Parking on campus is free. Any guest just needs to stop at the main entrance (there is only one) and ask for a temporary permit.  Parking is open and there is parking right in front of the building and underneath it as well.



3900 Lomaland Drive

San Diego, CA 92106