Past Event
Leveraging DevOps for the next generation
Sharing Company best practices as we return to the workplace environment.
August 25th 12:00pm - 1:15pm PST
  • DevOps is the leveraging of tools, practices and cultural processes to help increase an organization’s ability to deliver applications in a more agile and higher velocity manner.
  • While DevOps is a very popular term in the industry right now, its definition is widely diverse. In this discussion we won’t try to provide an exact definition of DevOps and we won’t tell you which of the hundreds of tools to use.
  • We will have a broader discussion of what are some of the trends and best practices currently being deployed in this space. Additionally, we’ll get into a discussion on how some companies are getting started.
  • The discussion will get into the cultural philosophies of enabling DevOps capabilities needed to support a successful journey within your company and offer you an opportunity to comment and ask questions.