Upcoming Event
September 14th
Noon - 1pm
Location: Zoom
Virtual Roundtable 13: Generative AI

Generative AI has really become the latest in a string of tech transformational platforms since OpenAI launched ChatGPT, their AI chatbot, in November of 2022. However, Gen AI may indeed be one of the most important in our generation. During our first RoundTable on this topic in May, we had a really great discussion on some fundamental Gen AI topics which led many members to express a desire to follow up with a second Roundtable on the topic, given the richness and trendiness of the subject matter. So here it is.

Our next RoundTable event will be on September 14th from noon to 1pm, when Brian Alexander, the VP of IT at ARS National Services will be our Subject Matter Expert (SME) on the topic. Brian has been involved in AI in one way or another for many years and so is really a great fit to further expound on this constantly changing technology stack. He will talk about use cases for their business, what they are looking from their IT vendors, how he is personally using Gen AI and some of the caveats and risks he has discovered along the way. It should truly be another fascinating session. After Brian's opening we will proceed to our regular RoundTable discussion format.

There is an opportunity for SIM San Diego members to invite one of their direct reports with expertise in the AI area (and/or those with a passion for the possibilities), to explore this transformative technology further. However, if you would like to have one of your direct reports attend, you will need to ensure that you sign them up for this session.

Please sign up for this next RoundTable session below

Wherever you are along the continuum of 'in the beginning stages' to 'deep into the thick of Gen AI', you will no doubt learn a lot from the discussion! We hope you can join us.