Cyber threats are constantly evolving with increasing intensity and complexity.  These threats can cause severe disruption to a company’s business functions or operational supply chain, impacting reputation, or compromising sensitive customer data and intellectual property. Join us for our annual cybersecurity event held at the local FBI Field Office, with current threat landscape presentations from experts in the field.

Pre-registration required, ends Feb 28.

  • Cyber threat overview: What the FBI is seeing across the scale from most frequent to most concerning. Is there any uptick in activity that may be a result of the heightened trade tensions between U.S and other countries?
  • Counter Intelligence briefing: The FBI team will provide thoughts on best advice for organizations that travel abroad and have executives who carry smart phones and company laptops - this will include a brief discussion that highlights China’s 5 year plan.
  • The Chief Legal Division will provide insight into current and emerging privacy issues.