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Virtual Roundtable 3
Digital Transformation Best Practices
*Ended* October 12th Noon - 1:00pm PST via Zoom

Our next topic in our third virtual RoundTable event is digital transformation lessons learned. This has been a focus of many companies over a number of years, but really gained prominence and traction during the pandemic as customer interaction and experiences were forced to go online. Digital transformation is more than just going digital; rather it is the strategic repositioning of one's business in today's digital economy. The current economic environment tends to favor larger companies who are able to provide more personalized experiences to their customers, but it has also mandated that businesses of all shapes and sizes provide an engaging digital interface to support both new and traditional ways of doing business.

The next RoundTable session will take place on Tuesday, October 12th from noon to 1pm. These will be very interactive sessions with everyone around the various virtual RoundTable breakouts sharing their company narratives related to the opportunities and challenges that virtually all companies are facing as digital transformations have become an absolute necessity, if companies are going to keep up, let alone get ahead.