Felicia Lyon Bio

Felicia Lyon

CEO | Executive Coach | Business Psychologist

Panthera Leadership

Felicia is an accomplished executive leadership coach working with CEOs, entrepreneurs and business leaders to create a paradigm shift so they can lead their business more effectively, connect more deeply with themselves and others, and increase the impact on the world. Felicia’s experience working at the intersection of business strategy, talent, and technology brings her a unique perspective helping her clients plan for positive, sustainable performance improvement.  

In a world of disruptive digital business models, augmented workforces, flattened organizations and a shift towards team-based work practices, today’s leaders face challenges that arise at a faster rate than their skills are evolving. For today’s leaders to be successful they need to be able to quickly gain the skills required to motivate, inspire and empower diverse teams to achieve innovative business results.

Throughout her career, Felicia has served hundreds of leaders from Fortune 50 corporations to startups and from professional services firms to government organizations.  She has coached them, guided them and partnered with them through transformations, challenges and big wins. Integrate life and work to be more impactful and successful.

Her book, Women Accelerated, reached #1 international best-selling ranking.