Women In Technology


Welcome to the SIM San Diego Women in Technology (WIT) group!

Our Mission

A SIM San Diego group that provides support for aspiring female technology professionals to gain the skills and confidence to grow their careers while helping member organizations retain their talented women. 

Our Value

To Our WIT Members

  • Professional Growth
  • Mentoring
  • Networking
  • Shared Industry Knowledge
  • Technology Focus

To Our SIM San Diego Member Organizations

Support in preparing and promoting female technology professionals in your companies to help retain your talented women.

WIT Member Profile

  • Aspiring mid-to-senior level female technology professional nominated by SIM San Diego member organization.
  • Top performer, recognized through awards or programs, motivated and committed with minimum five years working experience in technology.

WIT Member Dues

For Profit: $150 annually

Non-Profit: $75 annually

WIT Mentor Profile

  • Preferably 10+ years in tech field and 5+ years in management
  • Mentor titles may include: Sr. Vice President, Vice President, Senior Director, Director

What a great kickoff for SIM San Diego’s new Women in Technology initiative!


Leading and Thriving during a Pandemic featuring Felicia Lyon

Date: (ended) 6/17/2020
Felicia will be sharing insights and tools from her 7 proven strategies that empower leaders to change their lives, and the organizations they lead, for the better. She will discuss how you can use these tools to navigate and thrive amidst business disruption during this unprecedented time in our lives.

This virtual event is open to all WIT members and will help you manage your career and obtain additional clarity on fostering relationships. Additionally, we encourage WIT Mentors to attend if your schedule allows to support and foster your Mentees.

Presentation PDF Webinar Recording
Felicia Lyon
CEO | Executive Coach | Business Psychologist
Panthera Leadershiptm

Felicia Lyon's Bio

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