Member Benefits

We recognize there are many options to choose from in Silicon Valley; here are 10 great reasons to consider SIM in the Bay Area:

  1. Our chapter focuses on applied technology providing you with real-world peer experience and their roadmaps to successfully deploy emerging technology solutions that are changing the way we do business today.  Network with peers who have successfully deployed these products and services, avoid potential pitfalls and know the results you can expect Before you and your company make these investments.
  2. Once you join, we provide you with a local and national network of your peers.  Your next project or job opportunity may require resources that are out of this area, and SIM can help you make warm connections here and in other parts of the country as well.
  3. We are still in the “development stage” of building this chapter which represents a ground-floor opportunity for you.  Members get to shape this chapter into what they want it to be, versus trying to fit into what others designed years or decades ago.
  4. SIM Women is a national network within the SIM National organization we leverage to promote communication, mentorship, leadership, and career development among female members of SIM.
  5. The SIM Regional Leadership Forum and Executive RLF are national leadership development programs locally delivered that focuses on developing your most gifted employees into authentic business leaders.
  6. Academic thought leadership is another SIM core value that facilitates bi-directional networking for thought leadership between local and national institutions and technology practitioners.
  7. Shared Best Practices through secure networking channels and annual best practices summits.
  8. Members in Transition (MIT) is another local and national program that supports members through career transitional periods with executive coaching and dozens of potential job-leads.
  9. Info-Tech Research Group produces unbiased and highly relevant research to help CIOs and IT leaders make strategic, timely, and well-informed decisions. Partnering closely with us at National and across our Chapters, they provide our SIM community everything from actionable tools to analyst guidance as an additional member benefit. Coming in In 2021, with your feedback, San Francisco Bay Area SIM Chapter will further benefit from tailored content that is pertinent to our member base!
  10. Giving back through STEM grants is a SIM hallmark.  The SIM Foundation has been set up as a philanthropic organization that currently has two overarching objectives; giving back to organizations with a national presence and enabling chapters to utilize the benefits of a 501(c)(3) organization.

The San Francisco Bay Area Chapter is leading the way again by directing a portion of your membership dues in a give-back with immediate benefit to our local community.  Every membership and membership renewal will subsidize 1 teacher and up to 150 students with the following:

  • Five hours of professional development for the teacher that teaches them how to run a virtual classroom while keeping their students engaged.
  • Twelve STEM projects, packaged in streaming format, targeting youth ages 7-14, to incorporate into their curriculum, that is NGSS-certified to supplement and contextualize their curriculum.
  • A Global Platform for participating Teachers and Students to participate in global competition that tracks their progress, inspires kids to be self-directed, and have fun!

Your San Francisco Bay Area Chapter membership has an exponential impact on our local community!  Join now and enable thousands of Bay Area kids with STEM project-based education.  Make the SIM San Francisco Bay Area Chapter your go-to professional networking group and build a lifetime of valuable relationships.


More information about SIM National Member Benefits:

A highlight of SIM National’s member-benefits is listed below, along with contact information of those who can provide more information.

Advanced Practices Council is a highly-respected elite forum for senior IT executives. Unlike other research-based programs, it provides (1) customized, independent research on subjects members choose conducted by the best researchers worldwide and (2) an intimate, trusted network of cross-industry senior executive peers. APC members stay far ahead of trends and practices and bring transformational solutions to their firms.

The Enterprise Architecture Working Group is an all-volunteer group of about 60 EA practitioners, academics, and thought leaders from more than 20 industry, government, and academic organizations, dedicated to understanding and improving EA practices, and helping IT professionals and their organizations capitalize on the opportunities of EA.
Contact: Co-Chairs Lisa Schurch and Kyle Walker

The IT Procurement Working Group’s objectives are to create a forum to share best practices, strategies, and exchange information on managing IT procurement and IT vendor management.  This provides a vehicle for (1) improving IT acquisition management; (2) enhancing the competitiveness of high tech consumers through informed procurement management; (3) influencing legislation affecting acquisitions; and (4) fostering collaboration between the various professions participating in the IT procurement process.

IT Trends Study each year, SIM surveys its members to gauge trends within our industry. The responses of our experienced member base help to benchmark various areas within the IT industry such as major issues, technologies, sourcing, CIO roles, staffing, spending, and salaries. The valuable survey input allows SIM to speak with a unified voice for our members, who are among the most accomplished and innovative leaders in the industry.
Contact: Leon Kappelman,

The Members-In-Transition Program was developed to assist SIM members in need by providing a forum to share leads, opportunities, and advice. Benefits include a career portal, an online collaboration group, weekly conference calls, Helping Hands program, executive search professionals listing, and more. Newly launched, Member-In-Transition West!
Contact: Steve Caliger ,

Regional Leadership Forum is an intensive, ten-month leadership development program focused on creating authentic leaders. Since 1992 over 3500 graduates and more than 300 sponsors have found RLF the key to developing leadership effectiveness.
Contact: Molly Mahoney,

Info-Tech Research Group produces unbiased and highly relevant research to help CIOs and IT leaders make strategic, timely, and well-informed decisions.  Partnering closely with our members, at the National and Chapter-level, providing the SIM community everything from actionable tools to analyst guidance.