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SCSIM Winter Forum

The Adaptable Leader in the Digital Era – Adapt or Fail

February 27, 2019, 3:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Long Beach Marriott

Digital technologies are reshaping the world and transforming the business ecosystem forever. Companies are in the midst of digital transformation journeys or about to embark on them, yet the rate of failure of digital transformations is astounding – 80-90% by some industry estimates. What’s going on here? The speed of change in the digital era means that adaptability is paramount to success, and IT leaders, more than ever, must become “Adaptable Leaders”.

Keynote speaker, Vipul Kapadia, founder of ThinqShift, and a prominent executive and organizational coach, will explain what makes an Adaptable Leader and talk about the skills that leaders must master to succeed in leading their organizations through the rapid changes in the digital era.

Join us for a dinner event of networking with peers, and hear from industry experts at the SCSIM Winter Forum February 27, 2019. Register Today! This event is restricted to SCSIM members and qualified guests subject to SCSIM's Programs approval.

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JOIN US - Spring Forum - May 30, 2019

May 30, 2019

Cybersecurity Leadership: It is Beyond Technology

In today’s landscape of escalating cybercrime, cybersecurity cannot be assumed to be the CIO’s or CISO’s responsibility alone—it is everyone’s job. Getting ahead of hackers and other security risks require the active engagement of non-technical management, as well as an overall commitment to building a cybersecurity culture within the enterprise.

Attend and invite your non-technical peers to join you at the SCSIM Spring Forum and hear keynote speaker, noted cybersecurity authority, and author of “Secure Enough? 20 Questions on Cybersecurity for Business Owners and Executives”, Bryce Austin, talk about building a resilient cybersecurity culture inside enterprises with a multi-disciplinary approach, the important role non-technical managers have in shaping their organization’s cybersecurity stance, and what IT executives could do to enlist their organizations in managing the cybersecurity initiative and message.

Photos of Recent Events

Summer Picnic

The Change Leader CIOFeaturing Keynote Speaker Chris Laping, Veteran CIO + Author of "People Before Things"

March 15, 2018 - 3:00PM - 8:30PM | Long Beach Marriott

We had a great turn out for our Winter Forum held on March 15 at the Long Beach Marriot Hotel. Chris Laping, author of “People Before Things” and former Red Robin CIO, gave an inspiring talk on The Change Leader CIO. Chris talked about the human dimensions that shape the work of IT leaders, and ultimately become decisive factors in the success or failure of technology-led change initiatives.

The presentation was followed by an informative Q&A session. Executive panelists included Helen Norris, CIO of Chapman University, Bassam Fawaz, Managing Principal at Qualidas, Inc., and Scott Cadwalader, Managing Partner of Diligent Partners, LLC.