Firesides™ and Enclaves®


Firesides are designed to engage rising IT leaders, those reporting directly to the CIO or CXO and take many forms: town hall discussions, keynote presentations, panel discussions, and interviews with guest CXO’s, innovators and industry leaders.

Firesides typically have a larger audience, upwards of 40 participants and are hosted in Los Angeles and Orange County..

To learn more or request participation in a Fireside, please contact us



The CIO Enclave program provides a community where Executive leaders can learn from each other by sharing our experiences and challenges.  The Enclaves are geographically focused and provide an intimate dinner setting where 10 to 18 peers can engage in open dialogue.  Enclaves meet in Santa Monica, the Conejo and San Fernando valleys, Orange County, downtown LA, Long Beach, South Bay and Pasadena.

To learn more or request participation in an Enclave, please contact us