Giving Back

SCSIM Philanthropy Mission Statement

Our Mission:  To vet and deploy the annual charity budget augmented by time and talent to local non-profit organization(s) in need with a preference towards STEM and underserved populations.  An objective is strategic alignment between philanthropy and alliances.

Non-profit Focus:

  • Recipient organizations is not-for-profit and aligned with SCSIM's mission.
  • Focused on non-profits with a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) focus.
  • Locally based (or National/International with a strong local presence.)
  • Ability for SCSIM Board and membership to interact with beneficiaries.
  • Transparency in organizational giving, visibility into where our gift goes.

For more information about how SCSIM is Giving Back or to inquire about a partnership with us, please contact