Advancing Women in Technology (AWT)

AWT-img01.jpgAWT’s California fundraising forums and events throughout the year attract both men and women from every area of technology and our members include those just entering the field as well as those holding mid- and senior-level technical and management positions.

One hundred percent of our fundraising proceeds support the AWT Charitable Foundation. Since 2007, the AWT Charitable Foundation has awarded approximately $250,000 in scholarships to women studying at California colleges in pursuit of a career in technology. Our scholarship awards are made possible through the generous support of our members, community and industry friends. Our supporters, through their commitment to higher education, play an active role in the future of technology.

AWT Mission Statement:

Advancing Women in Technology (AWT) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of women in technology through the endowment of educational scholarships and the creation of opportunities to enhance personal and professional growth, working closely with the business community to facilitate diversity and opportunity.

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