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STEM Advantage 8th Annual Scholarship Gala: Advancing Equity through Education

First of its kind, STEM Advantage kicked off its virtual gala on August 25 from 11:45 -1 PM with a special Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Panel featuring technology executives from Google, Brookings Institution and IMAX. 

Since 2012, STEM Advantage has served nearly 400 scholars (half are women, two-thirds are students of color) through internships and mentorships, and disbursed over $1.2 million in scholarship funds. SCSIM members helped STEM Advantage continue to provide opportunities for Faces of STEM scholars with these hard-to-miss events! 

stem-img01.jpgSTEM Advantage mentors, prepares and inspires young women and underserved communities to pursue STEM careers through paid internships, mentorships and scholarships. This 360-degree approach is designed to open doors and provide the 
support needed to keep promising women and minorities in a STEM program, including the skills and work experience that will assist them in landing their first position after graduation, plus graduate with less student debt.

California employers report being unable to find qualified candidates in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) with more than 1 million new STEM jobs on the horizon. STEM Advantage addresses this skills shortage by focusing on underrepresented talent. Women, African Americans and Latinos comprise only 20% of the STEM workforce, yet are projected to make up 70% of the total workforce by 2017.

The STEM Advantage Board developed the 360-degree program to provide students attending a public university the type of support that many students attending a private university receive, including internships, mentors, scholarships, career panels, access to and networking opportunities with business and technology executives and hiring managers. STEM Advantage aims to level the playing field for young women and underserved communities attending the California State University system, the largest public university system in the nation. Internship programs are very competitive and often select students from “leading” universities only, which may not be in California and often do not have a diverse student body in terms of gender and ethnicity. Board members use their contacts to open doors for students who have the talent but don’t have the opportunity and network.

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