Membership Eligibility


Eligibility for Membership

Information Technology Executives

Senior-level IS/IT professional in either a public or private sector organization meeting the following criteria:

•  CIO, CTO or CISO at a corporate or divisional level.
•  Direct reports to CIOs and CTOs, such as SVPs, VPs or Directors of IT.
•  Directors of IT who are two levels removed from the CIO, with significant or strategic management responsibilities, such as application or infrastructure portfolios.
•  Retired IT Executives

Academic Professionals

A full-time university or college faculty member who studies and contributes to thought leadership on the IT field.


Leaders at the Partner/Principal level who influence the direction of their own company or their clients’ companies, and who directly contribute to the IT profession. To qualify, these individuals must be able to demonstrate that they operate at a senior executive level and that their responsibilities revolve around the delivery of consulting services, not primarily in selling services.

Accepted individuals understand that SCSIM maintains a strict “no solicitation” policy. Consultants may comprise no more than 15% of overall chapter membership, and those few consultants who are welcomed as members are practitioners who add value to our chapter members with their domain knowledge and expertise.

Non-IT Executive / Chief Digital Officer / CEO / Other Leader

Senior non-IT executive who plays a key role in the use of information technology. Please note that SIM adheres to a strict policy against any marketing or commercial activities. Marketing or Sales leaders of technology vendors are excluded from consideration.

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