What are Firesides?

Firesides are a new SCSIM program designed to benefit all SCSIM members below the CIO level. Similar to SCSIM’s successful CIO Enclave program, each Fireside meeting represents an opportunity for SCSIM members to socialize with colleagues from diverse industries and corporate cultures, to share professional learnings and to foster respect-based friendships beyond the walls of their own employers.  

Fireside meetings may take many forms, and a variety of topics, even in the single meeting: crisp, interactive breakout discussions on topics relevant to everyone, such as leadership development, career management, transition management;  intimate Fireside chats with esteemed guests; TED Talk-style presentations; panel discussions on topics of interest most desired by that Fireside group’s members.

Firesides are gatherings where IT leaders connect, share and develop relationships with peers. Firesides are for IT leaders on their way up and engaging with SCSIM members every step of the way.  

For more information about Firesides, contact Jake Westphal at


Fireside Details:
Location: Orange County
Restaurant: Karl Strauss
Fireside Leader: Al Castro and Dave O’Brien



Fireside Details:
Location: Los Angeles
Restaurant: Del Frisco
Fireside Leader: Beth Hilbing and Howard Miller