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SIM Tampa Member Spotlight: Norene Kemp - A Journey of Passion and Perseverance in IT

Norene Kemp

In 2005, Norene Kemp stepped into what she thought was a brief stint as Academic Coordinator in the math department at Florence Darlington Technical School—a place to bide her time while she waited for what she considered the "perfect" career opportunity. But fate had other plans.

What began as a mere role soon evolved into a remarkable journey. Initially, teaching was just a part of Kemp’s job as an academic coordinator, but it quickly grew into something far more significant. As she stood before her students, she felt a profound connection and discovered an unexpected passion, a calling that drew her deeper into the world of education.

This wasn't just a job anymore; it became her life’s purpose—a true calling that whisked her through a rollercoaster of highs, lows, and surprising twists. More than a shift in career, this life-changing experience revealed her unwavering commitment to shaping the future of education and technology.

Fast forward to today, and Norene Kemp is the Dean of the College of Computer and Information Technology at St. Petersburg College. Her path embodies resilience, adaptability, and an unyielding dedication to the realms of learning and innovation.

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