Our Strategy


The SIM Minnesota Board is very energized and excited about 2023!  Increasing membership for the Minnesota chapter is our top priority for 2023.  To do this we are investing in six pillars, each with a focused and energized team.

Membership Recruitment and Retention
Driving membership engagement and growth for our SIM Minnesota Chapter

Program and Events
Reimagining our programs and events in this virtual world. We are focused on providing attractive and valuable events and networking opportunities for our members.

Chapter Collaboration
This team is collaborating with other Midwest chapters to provide even better speakers and events. We are excited about what we can offer to our members TOGETHER! 

Focused on the value that SIM Minnesota & SIM National provides its members and leveraging social media accounts to share what SIM has to offer with those outside of our community.

Developing a sponsorship program to provide support for events & activities for our members and our IT community. 

Education & Community Outreach
Aligning with local universities to co-market and co-brand events. Some of the brightest ideas in technology come from the young people in today’s educational institutions.  Many of the SIM chapters have found great success with this alignment and we believe it will be a key differentiator for SIM MN.

The SIM Minnesota Board of Directors is excited about the possibilities for the upcoming year. However, we need your help. If you would like to be part of any of these committees, please feel free to reach out to Heather Manley at heather.manley@ondemandgroup.com or Grete Tiemeier at gtiemeier@hollstadt.com