About Chapter


The Society for Information Management (SIM) stands as the foremost professional membership organization for leading IT professionals across the globe. Our members comprise a vibrant community of corporate IT leaders, principal consultants, digital transformation agents, and scholars who actively contribute to the ever-changing digital landscape.
SIM Portland provides more than 190 members with numerous opportunities to forge trustworthy relationships with peers and mentors that they might not encounter elsewhere. Members exchanging insights about their challenges come from diverse backgrounds, including established corporations, startups, private and public sectors, disrupted and disrupting companies, as well as a wide array of corporate cultures and missions.
Through our regularly held meetings and annual full-day conference, we create a cooperative atmosphere that enables members to learn from fellow professionals, distinguished guest speakers, and esteemed thought leaders.
At SIM Portland, we promote community engagement by encouraging members to contribute through initiatives such as our STEM outreach programs. Since 2004, our annual Charity Golf Tournament has generated funds to provide over $800,000 in scholarships to deserving students at local universities.