STEM outreach

STEM Initiatives
Our goal is to bring students to a better understanding of the many opportunities in tech, to introduce them early to career possibilities that rely on their current and future interests and creativity, and to instill in education the idea that career and personal interests and abilities often intersect if we're only taught where to look. 

By creating fun, interactive learning environments, SIM STEM Outreach empowers students to think about their careers early. We partner in this effort with college students seeking a wide range of degrees in IT, providing them the opportunity to build leadership skills by helping us engage with younger students. We approach STEM Outreach with a focus on community, on building not just technical skills but leadership and pride in community.
You DO NOT need to be a SIM Member to participate in the following activities. To get involved with any of the following STEM initiatives, contact Caesar Bernardo, Director, Education Committee

College Mentoring

In the highly competitive field of technology, experience, leadership, and relationships are currency. Developing soft skills alongside technical knowledge and building a robust personal network early in a student's new career - ideally before their first job out of college - impacts tremendously on their success. This is the driving goal of the SIM College Mentoring Program. We seek to provide area college students a means to gain important perspective by facilitating mentor/protégé relationships with experienced local professionals. Through regular virtual and in-person meetings, structured goal setting, and mutual accountability, this program aims to instill in students the leadership mentality that will ultimately drive their career success.

High School Career Days

SIM STEM Outreach facilitates member/professional visits to local high school career and occupational fairs. Throughout the school year, we partner and communicate with several local school districts to coordinate volunteer visits to scheduled career fairs as well as classroom visits. 

Virtual Fairs

New in 2022, SIM STEM is facilitating several online career fairs, including panels with area professionals as well as keynote talks and breakout sessions. These are great opportunities for students to learn the industry landscape and network with working professionals in the fields they aspire to.

Middle School Visits

In partnership with numerous local school districts, SIM places professionals in middle school classrooms for a 2-day technology-oriented activity that showcases the numerous talents and abilities require to produce a technology product from inception to implementation. This is one of our flagship STEM Outreach activities to bring awareness of career opportunities at an early stage of education.

College Scholarships

Recognizing that education is a fundamental requirement in knowledge careers, SIM has connected with over 17,000 college students across the Pacific Northwest to award over $700,000 in scholarships. Year after year, we strive to raise funds so we can help make education more accessible for students, opening the door to more and better opportunities for rewarding and successful careers.