Charity Golf / Fundraising

 The Charity Golf committee is responsible for generating the bulk of the funding for our annual Student Scholarship Award

Contact Pradeep Kumar, Trustee


 The Membership committee is responsible for promoting and qualifying people for SIM membership

Contact Bonnie Ramirez, Membership Director


The Education committee is responsible for our STEM outreach program, Book club, Executive coaching, College mentoring, etc.  for more details of current initiatives click here

Contact Travis Luckey, Education Director


 The Marketing committee is responsible for promoting the Chapter to potential members and sponsoring organizations.

Contact Vikranth Vaddi, Marketing Director


The Programs committee is responsible for our monthly Chapter meeting including dinner and a speaker or panel presentation.

Contact  Jimmy Goddard, Programs Director


Events & Conferences 

The Events & Conferences Committee is responsible all logistics and planning of our onsite events

Contact  Lisa Harper, Events Director