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SIM Portland Program Year Ends - 6/30/2020
Apologies for my late June blog, things have been busy…which is good. Unfortunately, the planned attempt to re-open the State and the economy have shown the virus‘ insidious nature. Masks have gone from being voluntary, to being required in public, indoor spaces. The careful emergence from our cocoons seem for some to have turned into a defiant return to the way it was, allowing the virus to take hold once again. Portland and Oregon seem to be fairing a lot better ... (cont.)

SIM Portland Reinvention - 5/30/2020
The COVID-19 response continues to evolve. We are starting to see Phase 1 reopening in many Oregon counties, though it looks like Multnomah County will be the last to do so. We are still a long way away from in person SIM Chapter events. Hopefully if we reach Phase 2 and there is no relapse, we will be be able to safely hold in person events with the start of next year's programs in September. ... (cont.)

Welcome to a New Year at SIM Portland - 4/20/2020
I find myself writing my first Presidential update in a very interesting time. Like all of you, I have been following the "Stay Home, Save Lives" mandate and am holed up at home with my family. ... (cont.)