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10 February 2021

Topic: Thriving Through Disruptive Change
Speaker: David Glazer
Abstract and Bio:

12 January 2021

Topic: Fireeye and Solarwind: Is it time to Reevaluate your Cybersecurity Strategy?
Speaker: Keyaan Williams
Abstract and Bio:

18th November 2020

Topic: Opportunities in 2021 Opportunities
Speaker: Brian David Johnson
Abstract and Bio:

October 14, 2020

Topic: Future of Work: Augmented, Diverse, and Anywhere
Speaker: Brian David Johnson
Abstract and Bio:

9th September 2020

Topic: SIM Portland 2020 CIO and CISO of the year award and keynote
Speaker: Lutz Beck, CIO and SVP, Daimler Trucks, North America
Award Presentation slides:


13th May 2020

Topic: Don't let COVID19 let your guards down
Speaker: Jon Washburn, CISO, Stoel Rives


8th April 2020

Topic: Delivering IT in the time of COVID19
Speakers:   John Farley - VP of IT, Thermo Fisher Scientific
                    John Kochivir -  CIO, PGE
                    Bob Leek -  CIO, Multnomah County
                    Frank Trovato - Research Advisor, Info-Tech Research
Moderator: Tony Alfrez,  GearUp Sports