Become a Sponsor

The Society for Information Management (SIM) is the premier professional membership association for the world’s top IT leaders. Our members are a dynamic community of corporate IT leaders, principal-level consultants, digital change agents and academics who are shaping the evolving digital world in which we live today.

SIM Portland offers our over 190 members many opportunities to develop trust-based relationships with colleagues and mentors they might never meet regularly, anywhere else. Members who share their challenges with each other come from established corporations and startups; from private sector and public sector; from companies being disrupted and others that are the disrupters; and from as varied corporate cultures and missions as one can imagine.

Our regularly scheduled meetings and SIM Women events offer a collaborative environment in which members can connect with their peers and learn from their colleagues and thought leaders. 

SIM Portland encourages members to “give back” to the community through our community involvement initiatives, like our STEM outreach programs.  Since 2004, our annual Charity Golf Tournament have raised funds to award over $800,000 in scholarships to deserving student at local universities.

To provide quality events, we depend on our sustainable partner relationships to defer our costs thru the following sponsorship opportunities:


Chapter Meeting: Our eight regularly scheduled chapter meetings provide the broadest access to networking with our SIM member community. The various levels include attendees, website & social media recognition and acknowledgement in our meeting program.

-Gold Sponsor: $9,000 for 8 meetings.  (Two attendees and banner display).

             -Silver Sponsor: $3000/ $1500 per for two meetings or $3750/$1250 per for three meetings (One attendee).

             -Beverage Sponsor: $3300 for four meetings.  Distribute drink tickets with marketing table (One attendee).

Student Night Speaker: $2500 for our student awards night.  (Two attendees with all chapter meeting benefits).

CIO Enclave Sponsor: $6,000 annually for 6 meetings (Two attendees, website and event recognition).   

              Opportunity to engage with the same set of CIOs/VPs over a year and participate in the discussions.

SIM Women Meeting Sponsor: $1,500 per meeting (Two attendees, website recognition and event shoutout).

SIM Book Club Sponsor: $750 per meeting (Two attendees, website recognition and event shoutout).

SIM Summer Social:  $1500 (Three attendees, website recognition and event shoutout).

SIM Holiday Party: $2500 (Two attendees, website recognition and event shoutout).

SIM Poker Power Event: $2500 (One attendee) for a SIM Women special event.  This is an education event providing female technology leaders a chance to enhance and practice business skills (negotiation, calculated risks, etc.) through the game of poker